About Us

Santosh Devnath

My journey started with my graduation (BCA 2011). Here I first listen about languages, that there are some languages used to design software. Everything was new and very different for me. It was very difficult to understand that what I am actually trying to learn.

Finally I got some interest in C language and made some stuff like to print Hello World and addition of two numbers. These things were amazing. I really surprised that I can give an order to the computer to do something.

Then I learned C++ but now I was not getting too much interest, I want a software that really useful for a user. Because with C and C++ I was able to write only console based application.

Finally, my childhood friend Abhijeet Mandal told me about PHP and suggest me to learn it. But when I started it, I realized it is very difficult to learn PHP without knowledge of HTML. So first I started HTML, after learning of 1 month HTML, started PHP. And finally, after 20 to 25 days I was able to create some useful thing that a normal user can use.

Still, I am learning PHP and I don't think it will ever end. Trying to research more and more in PHP.