How to add signature in Gmail

Whenever we write mail then it is a good habit and used to write our little information at the end of the mail that is called signature. So we need signature many times. To avoid every time re-typing your information, you can create your own signature and whenever you send email to anyone it added to the bottom of your mail automatically. That's the magic of signature.

So Lets's do it.

1. Setting Button

Click on the gear or setting button that is on the right upper corner of your screen if you are using the computer and select Settings.

2. Type Signature

Here you write your own signature. That will be used every time. Although later you can edit this information also.

Now scroll down and click on a button that saves changes. Great!!! You have done. If you really liked my post then please share it with your friends and click on the below Facebook Like button. 

Santosh Devnath
PHP Developer