How to Turn off Chat Status in Facebook Messenger

When sometimes you want privacy in your chat. You don't want to be disturbed in Facebook Messenger. For this, you can just turn off the chat status to offline

Let's follow these steps.

1. Contact Button 

Open your Messenger and click on contact button.

2. Active Tab

Now click on the Active tab and tap on the slider that is next to your username.

It is done. But remember you just turned off the status in Messenger. When you will use facebook then your status will be online.

Now if you want to turn off your chat status even when you are scrolling facebook news feed then you have to disable chat from the facebook app also. For this do these steps.

3. App Settings

Open your facebook app and go to app Settings

4. Disable Chat

Now scroll down to bottom. And tap on the slider that is next to the chat option.

Remember we all know that facebook change there app very frequently. So it may be possible the time when you are reading this answer, Facebook changed their options. If you really liked my post then please share it with your friends and click on the below Facebook Like button. 

Santosh Devnath
PHP Developer