MLM(Multi Level Marketing) Website Using PHP - Binary Plan

Part 1 - Introduction

Hello everyone welcomes to MLM website tutorial using PHP and Mysql. In this series, I am going to teach you how to create MLM website step by step. So you need to understand it from the scratch. First I will tell you that which plan I am using to create this website. We all know there are too many plans in MLM like matrix plan, board plan, party plan, hybrid plan, generation plan and so on. So it is not possible to create the tutorial for all the plans but if I feel it require then I will create it for you. Only you need to inform me using comment or mail. So we will teach in this tutorial about the binary plan. How it works.

Binary Plan(1*2)

Binary plan is the basic plan in MLM. A user sells a product to two users and joins them to his downline and he gets paid. For this, he needs to create pairs. When one user in the left side and another user in right side then we call it a pair. Per pair, a user gets some income. We can more understand this plan in the video. You need to watch it so that you should about to know what we going to create.