MLM(Multi Level Marketing) Website Using PHP - Matrix Plan 1X3

Part 1 - Introduction

Hello everyone welcomes to MLM website tutorial using PHP and Mysql. In this series, I am going to teach you how to create MLM website (Matrix Plan 1X3) step by step. So you need to understand it from the scratch. 

Matrix Plan(1*3)

Matrix plan is one of the most existing plans in the market. We all know that MLM plans shutdowns very quickly due to very less income as the tree grow. But this is the plan that never ends. A plan that runs with matrix plan 1X3, has very fewer chances to shut down. 

So let's start the scheme. In this series, our product price will be Rs. 2000. And there will be two types of income.

  • Sponsor Income - Sponsor Income is Rs. 300
  • Level Income - Level income will increase by multiple of 2. For example, if first level income is Rs. 400 and then second level income will be Rs. 800, and third level income will be Rs. 1600 and so on.

Now let's talk about the users. First Level will have 3 users, the second level will have 9 users and the third level will have 27 users. Thus each level's users increase by multiple of 3. And these levels will never end.