MLM(Multi Level Marketing) Website Using PHP - Binary Plan

Part 11 - Create Admin

So now we have done with some useful functionality like user login, pin request etc. The user can send the pin request, and it should be first approved by the admin then the pin will be available to the user. For this, we need an admin panel that can handle all the things like manage pin request, view pin request history, make payment to user and lot of things.
I hope you can now understand the importance of the admin panel. You can say it is the backbone of our MLM Website that manages the all activity over user action.
Then waiting for what, let's start with the admin panel.

  • Create a folder admin. You can create your own folder name but if you are completely following this series then you should do all the things same. Although later you should change the folder name and other things also. Because if you will put all the things same as described in the tutorial then the chances of hacking increase for your website. Because hacker will know already that what code you have. So be secure.
  • Copy all the necessary files and folder as shown in videos to your newly created folder admin.
  • Create a table in database admin and take 3 attributes like id, user id, password.
  • Need to make some changes in login page of the admin.
  • That's great. Now you have your own admin panel.

Note - Here I stored password as simple text but in the live project you should store the password, that encrypted with md5 or SHA1 or any other encryption method.