MLM(Multi Level Marketing) Website Using PHP - Binary Plan

Part 16(A) - Join User

Now we are ready to start our main work or you can say this is the heart of the MLM website. So here we can not do any mistake. You do a single mistake here and your MLM website goes down. Be careful from here. Seriously this is the most importation things in MLM to join a user. 

Because all the calculation will be done here so if any error occurs at runtime then it will be very costly for you. So let's start.

  • Create a page join.php.
  • Create a table in database user with 6 attributes like id, email, password, address, and account. Although you can add other attributes also, depending on your requirements.
  • Now create an HTML table and take 5 input box for the above attributes.
  • Create the join script and fetch all the input data to PHP.