MLM(Multi Level Marketing) Website Using PHP - Binary Plan

Part 2 - Download Template

In this tutorial, we will download our template so that we can directly start our coding part. For this, you can download any template or you can use your own template whatever you want. I am going to download bootstrap admin template from the below link.

After downloading the template you need to do the following things.

  • After downloading the template you will get a zip folder.
  • You need to unzip it.
  • Open the unzipped folder and you will see another folder like start bootstrap-sb-admin-2-gh-pages or similar to this.
  • Copy all the files and folders and go to your window drive or where your xampp or wampp stored.
  • Go to xampp folder then go to htdocs folder and create here a folder name mlm.
  • Past all the files and folders inside the mlm folder.